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How It Works
For information on our PRO Account scroll down.

J. Michael’s Auction, Inc. has offered innovative Storage auction services to hundreds of self-service storage facilities for almost three decades.  We continue to offer on-line auctions to our long list of services. We pre-screen every seller to insure that the seller is not an individual seller reselling a previously purchased unit.  We only authorize self-storage facilities, with units in lien status, to sell on our web site.  You can be assured you are buying from legitimate sources and not from "just anybody". is the foremost leader and the most innovative and honest storage auction service in the entire self storage auction industry.  Our customers really value our excellent services, our passion for integrity and customer service.  We hope your on-line auction experience lives up to our reputation of providing you, our customer, with the highest degree of customer satisfaction.

The Easy Steps to Bid:

Before bidding, you will need to sign-up for a account. To sign-up, just click on the REGISTER button located on top right hand corner of your screen. To activate your account, you will need an active and verifiable email or smart phone for texts and a valid credit card to pay the web site commission fees after you win the bid. After paying this fee you will be emailed a "bill of sale" to complete the process. To  subscribe to the PRO Account subscription scroll down to see details.   Please ensure that you’ve read all the terms and conditions before you start bidding and continue. It is vital that you understand the procedures that you are required to follow. Privacy Policy & Terms of Use are located on the bottom of your screen.
  You can log on and bid using your phone, Ipad, tablet or computer.  Once you’ve create an account, you will be prompted to see the self-storage units being auctioned. There will also be a highlight of the bids which will close soon. Choose the one which closely fits your needs.   We recommend that you click on Find An Auction to pinpoint the location of a storage facility that closely meets your requirements.
 For buyers who wish to subscribe to bid on the PRO level,
we offer a PRO Account
Scroll down to see details

Desplázate hacia abajo para ver español

JMAuction charges a Buyer's Fee of 15% of the total bid or $10.00 (whichever is greater) unless you are a PRO Account Subscriber. Scroll down to see details of the PRO Account. You MUST click on the email, sent to your listed account, with the payment link in order to receive a Bill Of Sale. 

Should you win the bid, you are required to settle your purchase, with the storage manager, within 24 hours. You pay what you bid at the self-storage facility by cash. Check with the facility about a credit card payment for the unit you are buying, some will accept it and some facilities do not. 

You MUST remove the contents of all the units purchased within 24 hours after payment is made (unless the facility manager extends your time). 




For buyers who bid on PRO level we have the PRO Account 

Para los compradores que se suscriben a la oferta en el nivel PRO tenemos cuenta PRO  Desplázate hacia abajo para ver español

The PRO buyer's now have a new settings screen in their account, when a PRO account is subcribed to.

A new tab, “PRO Settings”, will be added to your account screen.  The tab will show:

* The subscription date of your PRO Features,

* How many days until your PRO feature expires,

* PRO account subscription history,

* List of Favorite Units (explained below)

You can subscribe to the PRO account for a 30-day period ($10.00) or a 12-month period. Our 12-month subscription is only $110.00 (one month free).  Non-PRO accounts will now be charged 15% of the total sale or $10.00, whichever is greater, for each unit purchased online. 

PRO account holders are charged 10% of the total unit sale or $10.00, whichever is greater, for each unit purchased online. 

Non-PRO account holders are charged 15% of the total sale or $10.00, whichever is greater, for each unit purchased online.

As a PRO account holder, you will receive email notifications 7 days before and 1 day before your PRO account expires. There is a link included to renew your PRO membership with this notification. If your membership renews before the expiration the system will add the time to your current PRO account

Essentially, if you are subscribing to 30 days of PRO account you are adding to whatever you have left (if you re-subscribe 6 days before expiration you will have 36 days of PRO account left).

 Auto-Pilot (Contingency Bidding)

 Buyers who subscribe to a PRO account will have new features available for them – Auto Pilot is included.

Buyers will see a new section within each unit page where there is an Enable Auto-Pilot (button). By clicking this button, you will see a new section where you can set a Maximum Auto-Pilot Limit for the unit. Your bidding will increment automatically, to your limit, without you having to bid each time another bidder places a bid.  The bid step is currently $10.00 increments per bid. By clicking this button again, the auto-pilot can be turned off.

 The auto pilot bids will have Auto Pilot mark in the Bidding History tab.

The PRO bidder will receive a text if their auto-pilot maximum limit is getting close to being reached or is reached. The buyer is responsible for insuring there is a valid phone number on their account that receives text messages. If the phone number listed on your account does not receive text messages, you will not receive this notification. You will be able to save all or the units you have on auto-pilot in your “Favorite Folder”.

Favorite Units 

Buyers who subscribe to a PRO account have a new section available to them - FAVORITE AUCTIONS.


Buyers will see a new icon (a heart) on a unit that is actively being sold. Select this icon to add that unit to your favorites or remove from your favorites. By clicking on this icon, the unit will be added to your FAVORITE AUCTIONS tab. This tab is on the green banner above.  Click on this tab to go to your favorites folder.  This option allows you to see only the units you are interested in bidding on and the units you are using auto-pilot for.




Get PRO account

Los compradores de PRO ahora tienen una nueva pantalla de configuración en su cuenta, cuando se suscribe una cuenta PRO.

Se añadirá una nueva pestaña, "Configuración PRO", a la pantalla de su cuenta.  La pestaña mostrará:

* La fecha de suscripción de sus características PRO,

* Cuántos días hasta que caduque la función PRO,

* Historial de suscripciones de cuenta PRO,

* Lista de Unidades Favoritas (explicada a continuación)

Puede suscribirse a la cuenta PRO por un período de 30 días ($10.00) o un período de 12 meses. Nuestra suscripción de 12 meses es de solo $110.00 (un mes gratis).  Las cuentas que no sean PRO ahora se cobrarán el 15% de la venta total o $15.00, lo que sea mayor, por cada unidad comprada en línea. 

A los titulares de la cuenta PRO se les cobra el 10%
de la venta total de la unidad o $10.00, lo que sea mayor, por cada unidad comprada en línea.

 A los titulares de cuentas que no sean PRO se les cobra el 15% de la venta total o $10.00, quehaceres mayores, por cada unidad comprada en línea.

Como titular de una cuenta PRO, recibirá notificaciones por correo electrónico 7 días antes y 1 día antes de que caduque su cuenta PRO. Hay un enlace incluido para renovar su membresía PRO con esta notificación. Si su membresía se renueva antes de la expiración, el sistema agregará el tiempo a su cuenta PRO actual

Esencialmente, si usted se está suscribiendo a 30 días de cuenta PRO que está agregando a lo que le queda (si vuelve a suscribirse 6 días antes de la expiración, tendrá 36 días de cuenta PRO).

Auto Pilot (oferta de contingencia)

Los compradores que se suscriban a una cuenta PRO tendrán nuevas características disponibles para ellos - Auto Pilot está incluido.

Los compradores verán una nueva sección dentro de cada página de la unidad donde hay un piloto automático de activación (botón). Al hacer clic en este botón, verá una nueva sección donde puede establecer un límite máximo de piloto automático para la unidad. Su puja se incrementará automáticamente, hasta su límite, sin que tenga que pujar cada vez que otro postor realice una oferta.  El paso de puja es actualmente de 10,00 USD por puja. Al hacer clic de nuevo en este botón, el piloto automático se puede desactivar.

Las pujas de piloto automático tendrán la marca piloto automático en la pestaña Historial de pujas.

El pujador PRO recibirá un texto si su límite máximo de piloto automático se acerca a ser alcanzado o se alcanza. El comprador es responsable de asegurarse de que hay un número de teléfono válido en su cuenta que recibe mensajes de texto. Si el número de teléfono que aparece en su cuenta no recibe mensajes de texto, no recibirá esta notificación. Podrás guardar todas o las unidades que tengas en piloto automático en tu "Carpeta Favorita".

Favorite Units

Los compradores que se suscriben a una cuenta PRO tienen una nueva sección disponible para ellos - FAVORITE AUCTIONS.


Los compradores verán un nuevo icono (un corazón) en una unidad que se vende activamente. Seleccione este icono para agregar esa unidad a sus favoritos o eliminar de sus favoritos. Al hacer clic en este icono, la unidad se añadirá a su pestaña FAVORITE AUCTIONS. Esta pestaña está en el banner verde de arriba.  Haga clic en esta pestaña para ir a su carpeta de favoritos.  Esta opción le permite ver solo las unidades por las que está interesado en pujar y las unidades para las que está utilizando el piloto automático.

Get PRO account

J. Michael’s Auction, Inc. has offered innovative on-site auctions to hundreds of self-service storage facilities for almost three decades. We have now added on-line auctions to our long list of services. This innovative web site has several key advantages. No large crowds, you are completely in charge of your auction, No disruptions on your property and many more....

Easy Steps for Facility Managers to Build a Successful Auction:
  • There are no charges or fees to sell on our web site if you are a legitimate and verified mini or self storage company.  We only allow storage facilities to place units for sale - no "private" sellers will be activated.
  • Set up a seller's account. New sellers need to register on our website. Click on the register link at the top right of the page and enter your information. Be sure to select "I am a SELLER". Be sure to read the terms and conditions and then select the button for confirmation at the bottom of the page. Do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] with any questions or call 714-996-4881.
  • Once you are registered and sign in,  go to "My Account" in the top right hand corner of the opening page.
  •  Click on "My Locations".  If you get an alert of "date expired" your account is not activated. Call our office for immediate activation. Once activated you can decide whether to enter all facilities locations under one "seller" or re-register each facility as it own location and as an individual "seller".
  • We do not allow people who have previousley puchased a unit to post that unit for sale on our web site as a "private sale".  Only documented self storage facilities and legitimate property management companies are granted access to post units and abandoned property for sale.
  • You can add as many locations as you need. Each location can be updated seperately. You can also register each facility individually with it's own password protection as indicated above. To edit locations select the location to be edited on the right and edit the information on the left of the page.
  • Click on the "UNITS" button after selecting the location where the unit is for sale. Add the unit(s) you want to auction. Include up to five pictures. Add start dates and time, stop dates and time, and a detailed description of the unit - including the details of your unit for sale.
  • It is very important to not have all the units for sale close at the same time. Increment the time each unit closes by approximately 3-5 minutes. Add as much detail as possible, including title, location, dimensions, description of items and condition of unit.
  •  If a bid is placed within the last 30 seconds of the auction ending, the closing timer will reset back to 30 seconds and await another bid.  This will continue for each bid within the 30 second period until the timer finally reaches zero.
  • Dates and photos are important to consider. Photographs of the storage for sale build confidence in buyers. All units are sold “as is - where is" and on “what you see is what you get” basis.
  • Should the unit get paid off by the tenant you can pull your ad by clicking on the remove button next to the unit number on the right of your "UNITS" page.
  • You will be contacted via email once the storage auction is complete. The money raised in the storage auction is all yours, there are no hidden fees.
  • The sucessful bidder has 24 hours to show up at the facility and pay the manager. The unit should be cleaned out, by the buyer, within the next 24 hours (unless the manager grants the buyer more time).
  • If that buyer does not show up to claim the unit, will notify the back bidder to claim the unit. We keep the top three buyers on file for 72 hours after the auction over. Please notify if a buyer does not claim the unit. We will de-activate his account to prevent further problems.


No Traffic, no weather problems and it is easy. I bid on a unit while drinking a cup of coffee at home. I love it.
Dave K. -
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