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How It Works
J. Michael’s Auction, Inc. has offered innovative Storage auction services to hundreds of self-service storage facilities for almost three decades.  We continue to offer on-line auctions to our long list of services. We pre-screen every seller to insure that the seller is not an individual seller reselling a previously purchased unit.  We only authorize self-storage facilities, with units in lien status, to sell on our web site.  You can be assured you are buying from legitimate sources and not from "just anybody". is one of the foremost leaders and the most innovative and honest storage auction service in the self storage auction industry.  Our customers really value our excellent services, our passion for integrity and customer service.  We hope your on-line auction experience lives up to our reputation of providing you, our customer, with the highest degree of customer satisfaction.

The Easy Steps to Bid:

Before bidding, you will need to sign-up for a account. To sign-up, just click on the REGISTER button located on top right hand corner of your screen. To activate your account, you will need an active and verifiable email and a valid credit card to pay the web site commission fees after you win the bid. After paying this fee you will be emailed and text a "bill of sale" to complete the process. To  subscribe to the PRO Account subscription scroll down to the bottom of the page to see details.

We use a 2-factor authentication process to register.  You will be asked to input a code sent to you on your cell phone prior to completing your registration. 
  Please ensure that you’ve read all the terms and conditions before you start bidding and continue. It is vital that you understand the procedures that you are required to follow. Privacy Policy & Terms of Use are located on the bottom of your screen. See the video for information on How It Works on this page.
  You can log on and bid using your phone, Ipad, tablet or computer.  Once you’ve create your account, you will be prompted to see the self-storage units being auctioned. There will also be a highlight of the bids which will close soon. Choose the one which closely fits your needs.   We recommend that you click on Find An Auction to pinpoint the location of a storage facility that closely meets your requirements.

JMAuctionOnline charges a Buyer's Fee of 15% of the total bid or $10.00 (whichever is greater) unless you are a PRO Account Subscriber. Scroll down to click on the link to see details of the PRO Account.

Should you win the bid, you MUST click on the email or text, sent to your listed account, that has the payment link to receive a Bill Of Sale. You are required to settle your purchase, with the storage manager, within 24 hoursYou pay what you bid at the self-storage facility with cash. Check with the facility about a credit card payment for the unit you are buying, some will accept it and some facilities do not. Some facilities will accept your credit card payment by phone, check with the facility.

You MUST remove the contents of all the units purchased within 24 hours after payment is made (unless the facility manager extends your time).

See the following video for details:              ENGLISH                                                                                                                                 SPANISH

Claim your treasure!

For buyers who wish to subscribe to bid on the PRO level, we offer PRO account information

J. Michael’s Auction, Inc. has offered innovative on-site auctions to hundreds of self-service storage facilities for almost three decades. We added on-line auctions to our long list of services. This innovative web site has several key advantages. No large crowds, you are completely in charge of your auction, No disruptions on your property and many more....

Easy Steps for Facility Managers to Build a Successful Auction:
  • There are no charges or fees to sell on our web site if you are a legitimate and verified mini or self storage company.  We only allow storage facilities to place units for sale - no "private" sellers will be activated.
  • Set up a seller's account. New sellers need to register on our website. Click on the register link at the top right of the page and enter your information. Be sure to select "I am a SELLER". Be sure to read the terms and conditions and then select the button for confirmation at the bottom of the page. Do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] with any questions or call 714-996-4881.
  • Once you are registered and sign in,  go to "My Account" in the top right hand corner of the opening page.
  •  Click on "My Locations".  If you get an alert of "date expired" your account is not activated. Call our office for immediate activation. Once activated you can decide whether to enter all facilities locations under one "seller" or re-register each facility as it own location and as an individual "seller".
  • We do not allow people who have previously puchased units from an auction to post those units for sale on our web site as a "private sale".  Only documented self storage facilities and legitimate property management companies are granted access to post units and abandoned property for sale.
  • You can add as many locations as you require. Each location can be easily updated at your convienence. You can also register each facility individually, with it's own password protection, as indicated above. To edit locations select the location to be edited on the right and edit the information on the left of the page.
  • Click on the "UNITS" button after selecting the location where the unit is for sale. Add the unit(s) you want to auction. Add the pictures, start dates, start time, stop dates and stop time, and a detailed description of the unit - including the details of your unit for sale. It is recommended to start all the units for auction at a facility at the same time and increment the closing times. It is very important not to close all the units for sale at the same time. Increment the time each unit closes by approximately 1-2 minutes. This incrementation of closing times allows every buyer to bid on every unit in a "bidding war". 
  • Add as much detail as possible, including title, location, dimensions, description of items and condition of unit.
  •  If a bid is placed within the last 30 seconds of the auction closing, the closing timer resets back 30 seconds to await another bid.  This will continue for each bid within the 30 second period until the timer finally reaches zero.
  • Dates and photos are important to consider. Photographs of the storage for sale build confidence in buyers.
  • All units are sold “as is - where is" and on “what you see is what you get” basis.
  • Should the unit get paid off by the tenant you can pull that unit by clicking on the "remove button" next to the unit number on the right of your "UNITS" page.
  • You will be notified via email once a unit's sale is complete. The money the unit sold for is what the buyer will pay the facility, there are no hidden fees.
  • The sucessful bidder has 24 hours to pay the manager. The unit must be cleaned out, by the buyer, within the next 24 hours (unless the manager grants the buyer more time).
  • If that buyer does not show up to claim the unit, will notify the back bidder to claim the unit. We keep the top three buyers on file for 72 hours after the auction over. Please notify if a buyer does not claim the unit. We will de-activate OR ban his account to prevent future problems.


J. Michael`s does not allow buyers to resell units they have already gone through. This is a very big benefit for all of us buyers.
Larry Hough -
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