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What does "Date Expired" mean when adding locations?+
When adding a location our JMAuctionOnline Administrator must activate that location before it can be used.  This process verifies that you are a storage facility and not some clown trying to upload inappropriate photos and information. It also verifies that your subscription is up to date. Once verified the location will be activated and you can add units for auction. For immediate activation email or call us.
What is the difference between On-Site auctions and On-line auctions?+
On-Site auctions are conducted as live auctions where the auctioneer accepts bids from the people who attend the auction. There could be a hundred or more people attending the live auction. This requires a lot of organization, patience and logistics.  On-Line auctions are conducted using you computer, smart phone or tablet at your convenience. You can bid for the storage unit easily without disrupting your routine. is a prime example of the simple way to bid on storage lockers.
When does the unit have to paid for?+
You must pay for the unit within 24 hours of winning the bid.  After you are notified by email that you have won the bid you must contact the storage manager at the facility where the storage unit is located.  Make arrangements with the facility manager for payment and removal of the contents of the unit.
I was bidding on a unit and it disappeared?+
The storage facility, most likely, removed a unit that was paid off by the tenant.  It could also be a result of a legal issue that arose such as the tenant filing bankruptcy.  There are several issues that will require the storage manager to pull a unit.
When does the storage unit need to be emptied after the auction is over?+
You must have everything removed from the storage unit by close of business two days after winning the bid.  Only the facility manager can extend this time period.  J. Michael`s Auction, Inc. will never extend the time frame..
What if I do not want everything in the storage unit I bought?+
Lien Laws specify that when you win the bid at auction, ownership of ALL the contents of the storage unit become your personal property. You are now the legal and lawful owner of everything in the storage unit.  You must remove everything from the unit in the time period specified. Failure to do so means you can be removed from J. Michael`s Auction, Inc. On-line auctions and you will not be refunded your deposit by the facility manager.
What is the refundable deposit ?+
The deposit amount is set by the facility manager and is usually $100.00 - $200.00. The deposit is collected by the facility manager to insure that the buyer cleans out  the storage unit, he won at auction, in an acceptabe manner and in the time period specified. The deposit is usually a cash payment and is refunded  by the facility manager when the buyer successfully meets the clean out  requirements.
Can I use the storage facility`s dumpster?+
NO - not usually.

But ask the facilty manager, it is their authority. Sometimes they will allow small items.
What if I cannot clean the unit out as specified?+
Talk to the facility manager. They are there to help you and they want the storage unit cleaned out so it can be rented again.  There are several options available (extend the time period, rent the unit etc) and the facility manager has the authority to make these decisions. Always keep the facility manager informed.
Why does the auction clock seem wrong?+
It is not wrong, it is based in the Eastern Time Zone.  If you are in the Pacific Time Zone add three hours. If you are in the MountainTime Zone add two hours. The Central Time Zone, add one hour. Good News: If you are in the Eastern Time Zone - the time is correct.  To set an 8:00am start time for an auction in California enter 11:00am (EST). Your auction will start at 8:00am (PST).

Key Advantages

Lock Cutting Service To insure your lock cuts are done in an honest manner with the highest integrity contact Auction Ready

Need an innovative and honest auction service? JM Auction Service is the online self storage auction company with the highest integrity in the industry. We are veteran owned and now in our 29th year supporting our Customer’s auction processes.  Our long-standing success in this business is directly attributed to our management, commitment to customer service, innovation, integrity, and honesty. Anything else is unacceptable.

No reserve auctions does set reserves on units. A facility manager selling a unit may indicate a reserve in the details of the unit for sale.

California On-Site auctions J. MIchael's has teamed with Storage Auction Experts to take over our on-site live auctions. J Michael's is now only online. To see Storage Auction Expert's extensive auction schedule -  Click Here .


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