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About Us

J. Michael’s Auction, Inc. continues to offer the most  innovative, online auction services, in the industry.

Our roots started in 1990 when we were asked by an auctioneer  to assist his company with auctions, Soon after this encounter J. Michael`s purchased part of that auctioneer`s business consisting of approximately 25 facilities and then moved into an office space in Brea, CA.  Michael Joyce was appointed President and remains in that position today. The years after the purchase showed a hugh increase in our growth.

J. Michael`s diversified his services to include Lock cutting, video taping the inventories, in-house California DMV Lien services and Vehicle Verification services. This provided the turn-key services valued by our customers.  The added convenience of a central office where all our customers could contact us for information just provided another innovation not offered by any other auctioneer.  J. Michael`s provided not just an auctioneer service but a full service turnkey Auction Company.

J. Michael`s Auction was incorporated
in May of 2000.  The growth of the company became substantial.  In the year 2000 we had over 200 facilities.  Our customers were so pleased with our innovation, honesty, integrity and customer service they offered us more growth. We were soon doing auctions in several other States

Steven Hoffman was hired to help run the operations. Mr. Hoffman started adding facilities to our operations and his dedication grew another 175 additional facilities in the next two years. This brought the total number of facilities to 500. Steve is still the one person who helped build  our company to what it still is today. Don Potter replaced Steve Hoffman and managed the operations until Don moved on to be a popular radio show host.

We hired several other people over those years including Cheril Joyce, Bruce Reich, Laura Simeral and Steven Wilson. Cheril still runs our office and California DMV Liens. Laura is our assistant office manager and has been with us for many years. Mr. Wilson's dedication to our company still lives today. He is still associated with our company but has moved on to be an international airline pilot and is now dubbed our company pilot.

Claudia Polanski, in Sacramento, was our steadfast coordinator and office manager for our Northern California  facilities which we closed in 2016.  Her and Bill Polanski worked for the company for over 10 years and continue to stay in contact with us to this day.

Ron Ballard was contracted as an auctioneer to satisfy our growing schedule requirements. Ron stepped down due to medical problems in 2014.  Nancy Rocha, with "Auctions On The Go", carried on the auctions with integrity and honesty until the Northern California office was closed.

In 2013 we contracted Businessmedia in Toronto, Canada to develop an on-line storage auction web site. After many months of design and development web site was released in 2014.

Today J. Michael`s Auction, Inc
. provides online auctions for all self storage facilities and moving and storage companies. We associated our Company with Storage Auction Experts in Central California and they continue to do live auctions in Southern California. John Cardoza is the owner of Storage Auction Experts and is the one person J. Michaels trusted because of Mr. Cardoza's integrity and honesty.

J. Michael`s continues to set the standards for the industry by implementing our innovative and forward-looking ideas and goals.

Our company is built on a reputation of professional integrity offering the finest services provided in this industry today.  We work for self-service storage companies, moving and storage companies who must complete the foreclosure process with a online auction.

We have a passion for customer service and satisfaction.   We boast over 2500+ people on our growing list of online buyers. . 

J. Michael’s Auction, Inc. continues
to delight our customers  and we would very much like to have you as our customer. Contact us.


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