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Welcome to J. Michael's Auction, Inc.

If you are a Seller
looking for a ground-breaking, faster and easier way to connect to a larger group of Storage Buyers then our web site is for you.  Do you have problems parking everybody and only one restroom for all? Do you worry about the liability of having small children at the auction, or do you suspect Buyers may be conspiring for units?  – Then this web site is exactly what you are looking for.

As a Storage Buyer do you deal with traffic, large crowds, long lines and spend the whole day travelling from facility to facility to look at storage units? Do you occasionally waste a whole day looking and not buying any storage units? Then this web site is your new way to connect with numerous Sellers and you will have little or no travel expenses or time wasted. You bid and win your storage unit using your computer, tablet or Smartphone and then pay and pick up your storage unit at the Seller’s facility with no aggravation.

 No Traffic, No Hassles, No Crowds!

We have made it easy for everybody.  If you need additional information about our on line auction processes please see “How It Works” on this web site.  If you want to be on our mail list please add your email address in the “Stay Updated” box at he bottom of the page. We will notify you of upcoming on line auctions. If you wish to make any comment please send us an email with your “testimonial” and we could post it on the web site using your name (if you choose).

Thank You for using JMAuctionOnline, com. We appreciate your business.

Each Seller’s location must be activated
by the administrator. This verification process may take time.  If you need immediate activation please email our team at [email protected] or call our office.  Once activated you may add units for sale at anytime. Be sure to verify the entire unit information prior to submitting it.  This information cannot be changed after the auction goes live

As a Buyer we have made it very easy to register. You will need a valid email address that is verifiable.  We do not share your information (see our privacy policy).  You may bid on as many units as you are able to.  You will need a valid credit card after you win the bid.  After you win you are notified via email of your success.  You are given until close of business the next day to pay for your unit at the Seller’s facility.  You may then be given, as directed by the Seller, until close of business the next day to remove all the contents of the unit you won. Any additional time will given only by the Facility Manager. 

Thank you,

The J. Michael's Auction Team
Contact Us.

Key Advantages

Need an innovative and honest auction service? J. Michael’s Auction, Inc is the largest turnkey Self Storage Auction Company in the industry.  We are now in our 27th year supporting our Customer’s auction processes.  Our long-standing success in this business is directly attributed to our management and employee’s commitment to customer service, innovation, integrity, and honesty. Anything else is unacceptable.

No reserve auctions does set reserves on units. A facility manager selling a unit may indicate a reserve in the details of the unit for sale.

California On-Site auctions J. MIchael's has teamed with Storage Auction Experts to take over our on-site live auctions. J. Michael's Auction, Inc. is now only online. To see Storage Auction Expert's extensive auction schedule -  Click Here .


I really like the new auto pilot. It bids for me.
Reggie -
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